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Considerable efforts are currently in progress to modernize the Statistics Department of Montserrat (SDM). The primary focus of these efforts is to broaden the production and use of Official Statistics. A National Strategy for the Development of Statistics is actively being crafted. This Strategy will provide the framework to enhance the primary focus of accelerating the transformation of the SDM into the twenty first century, delivering a wide and deep range of Official Statistics that adhere to the fundamental principles of Accuracy, Timeliness, Relevance and International Comparability.  Official statistics are a public good and they should meet the needs of both national and international users. This is the goal the SDM strives to achieve as it is gradually transformed.

A major link in this path is the development of a unique website for the sole use of the SDM. This website will be geared towards providing information about the statistical outputs that are produced at the national level by the various partners. It will serve as a major repertoire of all official statistics that are being produced or used in Montserrat and through this medium, it is expected that users’ needs will be largely met. Hence, the SDM’s website will dynamically promote the use of the statistics, indicators and metadata that are produced at the national level.

I would like to officially thank the national staff for the very hard work that all have devoted to the building of this website and for working together as an efficient team, often working beyond the call of duty. I must also express our special thanks and appreciation to the dedicated team from Statistics Canada, through the PRASC project, who continue to work with our local team to make this major undertaking a resounding success. The numerous benefits of a viable website are countless and will increase as we work together to produce more useful micro and meta data about the socioeconomic, demographic and environmental conditions of the population of Montserrat.


Mr. Sylvan Roberts

Head of Statistics, Statistics Department of Montserrat                                                              Montserrat W.I.

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