Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Do you have more recent data not currently seen on the website?

The Statistics Department aims to have an up-to-date website as much as possible. Whenever new data are published, a notification will be given on the website to indicate updates accordingly.

What is the periodicity for updating the current data?

The contents of the website will be updated as new data becomes available.

Where can I find definitions for statistical terms?

Definitions of key concepts and terminologies, as well as statistical acronyms commonly used can be found in this glossary - for your information.

Can I use the data published on this website for reporting or research?

Yes, data can be used for reporting or research but it is strictly prohibited to adjust any figures. Please click on the link legal framework for more information and guidance.

Do you have longer time series not currently seen on the website?

Yes, a few areas do have longer time series, however may not be a complete data set. For any questions or queries please contact us.

Can I request additional data not seen on the website?

Yes you can! To request further information, please contact us.

Do you have explanatory notes on the items compiled?

This website comprises of three sections, there is a brief description under each subject, but however not for each individual table.

Where does the data/source from the tables come from?

The main sources of data from these compiled tables are from National Government Departments. Data for consumer price indices are collected monthly and quarterly from staff of Statistics Department, Montserrat


Date modified: 2019-10-14